[cc65] NESICIDE + VICE for Linux

From: Christopher Pow <christopher.s.pow1gmail.com>
Date: 2012-04-20 04:50:36
I've uploaded Debian packages (4 of them) for NESICIDE on Linux.

You need these three if you want to do C=64 stuff:

You only need this one if you want to run the NES emulator by itself
as an application [without all the IDE overhead]:

I forgot to hook up the UI elements to specify the kernal, basic, and
character ROMs for VICE, so for now just put:

-kernal <location-of-kernal.rom> -basic <location-of-basic.rom>
-chargen <location-of-char.rom>

in the additional VICE options [in Emulator Preferences].

Please let me know if there are issues with these...I'm no packaging expert.

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