[cc65] Fwd: NESICIDE + VICE

From: Christopher Pow <christopher.s.pow1gmail.com>
Date: 2012-04-13 17:39:24
I've put a very very preliminary version of VICE-capable NESICIDE on my Google
project page, intended for feedback and criticisms:


The installer for Windows is the setup.msi on that page.  [I have not
yet updated the Linux packages].

I've also packaged up the Manic Miner game graciously provided by
Stefan Wessels as a NESICIDE project [ManicMiner.rar].

To use NESICIDE you'll need to:

1. Download and install the setup.msi
2. Download, unpack, and install make-3.81.rar [for GNU Make 3.81 for Windows]
3. Download, unpack, and install cc65-snapshot-
[for CC65 toolchain for Windows]
4. Launch NESICIDE
5. Point NESICIDE at your VICE x64sc.exe containing folder when it
asks [it'll save this so you only have to do it once...]
6. Open "ManicMiner.nesproject" [or create your own by adding your own
source files and your own linker configuration file in Project
7. Compile the project [F5]
8. Load the image into the emulator [F6]
9. Run the image [F7]

I set up a couple of breakpoints.

Not done yet:
1. Memory dialog doesn't yet allow setting memory.
2. SID register dialog is incomplete, does not yet show actual memory
values, or setting memory values.
3. No VIC-II or CIA register dialogs yet.
4. CPU register dialog doesn't show I/O 0/1 yet, and NMI/IRQ/RESET
vectors are not filled in.
5. Breakpoints sometimes get hit while the emulator is being told to
"run" which leaves the UI buttons in an inconsistent state.  My TCP
comms needs a bit of work yet.
6. I haven't yet moved to the binary memory retrieval command provided
by Spiro to speed up memory updating on CPU stepping.  For now CPU
stepping does not update memory--otherwise stepping would be
ridiculously slow.  Memory is updated whenever a breakpoint is hit,
the emulator is paused, or reset.  Still open to discussion on whether
this can be achieved with shared memory -- though Qt has some
restrictions on shared memory.
7. Sometimes the C=64 comes up jammed.  Not sure why yet, but I think
it might have something to do with me trying to communicate with it
before it is "happy".  Search for an appropriate delay mechanism
8. For some reason breakpoints don't seem to delete when you disable
them.  I hope to resolve this soon!
9. Setting the -remotemonitoraddress to anything other than 6510 doesn't work?

Enjoy!  And please feel free to provide any kind of feedback...I'm
hoping to polish this as time goes on.  I would have had something
sooner but holidays got in the way!

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