Re: [cc65] THE Makefile V1.2.1 available

From: <>
Date: 2012-03-23 14:21:20
On 2012-03-22, at 23:06, David Schmidt wrote:

> I do that to Oliver on a regular basis - ask questions I immediately regret sending.  :-)

TNX - at least I am not alone with that. Which is not much of a good excuse for me anyway :-)

On 2012-03-23, at 12:07, Oliver Schmidt wrote:

> Never mind. A few years ago I confessed unintentionally on this list that after decades of 6502 programming I only learned by reading cc65 library source code that the CMP/CPX/CPY instructions set the carry flag. Hard to imagine that it can get more embrassing than that ;-)

:-)) Indeed. But you didn't mean it, did you? ;-)  OK, OK.. I need to get relieved somehow. :-)

Thanks Gentlemen for your understanding.

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