Re: [cc65] range error

From: Björn Spruck <>
Date: 2012-01-16 22:45:05
>> if
>> .byte 3,2,1,0,-1,-2,-3
>> is not compiling I find this annoying
> Ok. Which values would you then consider legal? Do you want anything truncated
> to 8 bits? Or just -128..255? How about
>         .byte   $FFFFFF80
> where the argument has the same internal representation as -128, should that
> trigger an error?

If the size is clear, just silently truncate it to 8bit, if the size is
not clear throw an error.
If you truncate silently, give a warning (optional).
I mean this is as far as I see only an issue for constants.

Maybe I do not oversee all the consequences, but I consider this a coder
friendly solution.

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