[cc65] bitwise not broken in ca65?

From: Simon Scott <scotty1amnet.net.au>
Date: 2011-12-24 12:51:21
Hi all, long time user, first time poster :)

Just trying to compile opencbm, which uses ca65 I believe in order to
compile some 6502 bits. Unfortunately Ive come a bit unstuck.

Firstly, let me specify that I compiled cc65 etc from a git clone

When I try to build opencbm, it throws an error:

tdchange.a65(151): Error: Range error (-9 not in [0..255])
tdchange.a65(169): Error: Range error (-5 not in [0..255])

Those 2 lines are:

and #~drDriveLED


and #~drDriveMotor

in common.i65:

drDriveLED      = $08                   ;Drive LED control


drDriveMotor    = $04                   ;Drive motor control

so, it looks like ca65 is resolving ~$08 as -9, and ~$04 and -5 (ie, 2's
complement) rather than an actual bitwise NOT.



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