Re: [cc65] Re: ca65 ascii translation

From: Chris Cureau <>
Date: 2011-12-19 01:21:15
Hi, Greg!

> (I apologize for not answerring your mail that was sent through
> Sourceforge.  I don't look at stuff from there as often as I should.)

No worries...I'm still trying to find an active community to ask questions
of. It really didn't belong here unless it was a translation issue which it
turned out not to be.  Didn't think of comp.sys.cbm either until

> I just had an evil thought:
> Are you practicing coding on a real C128 or in VICE?

Both. :)  But for now, in VICE.

What I finally found was that I was missing a call to SETBNK, so the OPEN
call didn't get the right filename.  My thanks to Anton Treuenfels for
figuring out that one!  Maybe I need to do some more reading for the kernal
calls...but I don't remember ever running across that before.

Apologies to the list for the noise.

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