Re: [cc65] C64 fast-loader suggestion?

From: <>
Date: 2011-12-16 23:35:03
On 2011-12-16, at 18:29, Gábor Lénárt wrote:

>>> Yes, I need other files, not my ones, where I can create a format I prefer.
>> Do they come as PRG files? Are they large?
> PRG, but data files. I am unsure if one file is SEQ then it causes problem
> for LOAD or not.

AFAIR It will. You'll have to take care of its type within SETNAM (adding the type designator to the name) or it won't LOAD.

> I can't tell you the file sizes, but from about 1K
> anything is possible which fits into the BASIC RAM (and my code is there
> too). So I guess, I can't expect to load larger files than - let's say -
> about 30K, which is large enough though that I want to be the fastest on a
> stock C64 too (without fastloaders, custom hw etc) and to use the features
> given by fast loaders and others too (that's why my "love" towards LOAD).

OK - that explains. As you correctly guessed, I was thinking whether it is at all worth to speed optimise this part by usng LOAD. But 30k is certainly worth the effort.

> I will tell, actually the code supposed to be open source (it it works at
> least).  The reason I am asking: I can test it of course.  However I am
> always unsure in this project if custom fastloaders, IDEDOS, whatever does
> not modify the situation in a way that it will cause problems, even if it
> works on a "stock C64".  That's also a reason I don't want to jump into the
> kernal code directly but using the "official" entry points only.

As I wrote - you don't want to bypass the jump table, period. As for speeders, they are of various, often dubious quality and I guess nobody will tell you how particular, exotic or simply lame one behaves. Still IMHO what counts are actually those widely regarded as "good". Partially because that also means "compatible" next to "fast". I doubt those would change the behaviour of such well established functions. Still, thanks to current VICE's level of compatibility with real hardware, you should be able to test it relatively easy with at least Jiffy, Dolphin, Pro, IDE, and Action Replay. Those are the ones I would personally care about.

> btw this
> is also the reason I am so in using LOAD: there is greater chance it's
> accelerated by certain fastloaders.

Yes, with 30k to load, it certainly pays.

Anyway, I believe this thread already belongs more to cbm* mailing list ;-)

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