Re: [cc65] C64 fast-loader suggestion?

From: <>
Date: 2011-12-12 17:53:44
On 2011-12-12, at 17:10, Oliver Schmidt wrote:

> Hi Uz,
>>> Obviously the next naive question is why the C library then doesn't
>>> use LOAD to implement read().
>> Because LOAD reads whole files and nothing else. This is the reason why it is
>> a nice target for fast loaders.
> I see, so it actually was _THAT_ naive ;-))

Don't worry ;-) I used it countless number of times and still somehow believed (rusty mem chips - it seems) that one could specify the length of the LOADed data, which would make your question almost a valid one instead of "naive". But in fact it was only the starting mem address that one could supply upon call. I had to recheck it after Ullrich's reply...

> So I seem to start to understand why IDE64 has a proprietary BlockRead/Write...

Yes, and it makes really a huge difference. I believe IDE64 (besides being still IDE only) is the absolutely best storage solution for a 64. Not only it's as fast as it gets (Soci is a big fan of speed over structure and he's got truly amazing results with his optimisations. Not only with I/O. For example his version the software 80 columns on a 64 can work faster than the native 40.. or at least it gives such impression ;-) but also well thought through. And the file manager with plugin capabilities is alone worth having the device connected.


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