Re: [cc65] C64 fast-loader suggestion?

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2011-12-12 14:46:43

> I guess it is because fopen()/fread() most probably uses "CHRIN" KERNAL calls while cbm_load uses "LOAD" KERNAL call. When doing I/O on a 64 LOAD was always preferred whenever possible due to being exactly much faster and not requiring "babysitting" ;-) Only when portions of the data had to be parsed or otherwise taken care of on the fly, CHRIN was used. OTOH while good speeders help speeding both LOAD and CHRIN operations, yet LOAD remains faster in any case.

Ah, thanks for providing that background - which most likely is
evident for about everybody else following this thread :-)

BTW: It actually calls BASIN (at $FFCF).

Obviously the next naive question is why the C library then doesn't
use LOAD to implement read(). Usually read() is implemented based on
rather "direct" "low level" APIs. Even if that means that
stdin/console input must explicitly dispatched at C library level. The
Apple II implementation of read() is an example for that...

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