Re: [cc65] C64 fast-loader suggestion?

From: <>
Date: 2011-12-11 17:51:04
On 2011-12-11, at 16:58, Groepaz wrote:

>>> no, you will have to use that loader exclusively. (and fopen and friends
>>> really shouldnt be used in a realworld program anyway)
>> As they are the only thing built into the cc65 C-library they might
>> end up used a lot - as in example in my Contiki releases...
> no offence, i consider contiki (on the c64) a tech demo, not a realworld 
> program :) (and it would actually benefit from replacing the loader more than 
> anything else, atleast that was true for 1.x back then :))

Sorry, but IMHO the "cleanest" ways should be used in "real life" programs. I was already getting enough disappointments with so called "fast loaders" still back in the days as they were causing my setup work slow and unreliable when compared to DolphinDOS. People who want more speed should rather (again IMHO) invest into some form of built-in speeder rather than count on programs to implement them. I am more than happy to make an exception and accept nice IRQ loaders in megademos though. In this case of "real life" they are welcome. If you meant the same when talking about "real life programs" then we are well aligned ;-)

P. S. No offence nor flame throwing is meant here..

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