[cc65] Macros in ca65

From: Björn Spruck <bjoern1spruck.net>
Date: 2011-12-06 13:33:57

I have a question on inline assembler macro processing. Looking for a
solution or if not, a request for additional features in the assembler :-)

I have code which I want to port from another assembler to inline within
a cc65 project. This code uses a lot of macros. One thing which is used
quiet often is:

            do something
            so something else

where _IF _ELSE _ENDIF are macros. What the macros are doing is,
creating (local) labels and produce the branches.

    beq .ELSE001
        do something
    bra .ENDIF001
            so something else   
.ELSE001  ;; this is only needed if you have an ENDIF without ELSE

now my question: any idea how this can be done in the simplest way in ca65?

remark: doing this with scopes or procs will not work if there is any
other label between IF and ENDIF which should be accessible from
outside, right?

I can give some details on how the macros are done inside the other
assembler, and how I did translate it in the very old ra65 (by patching the assembler).


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