[cc65] Using VIC struct in inline assembler

From: Andreas Rückert <a_rueckert1gmx.net>
Date: 2011-11-30 21:51:52

Is there an example on how to use the VIC struct in inline assembler

I'm trying to do something like

__asm__( "sta %v", VIC.spr1_x);

, which does not work. Seems to be understandable, since VIC.spr1_x 
is a byte value and I want the address.

What I'd actually write would be something like

__asm__( "sta %v", VIC.spr ## SHOT_SPRITE ## _x);

and use a define for SHOT_SPRITE, but I guess there's no chance
to get such a construct to work?

I tried to google for cc65 assembler struct, but I've only found
the example in the docs.

Thanks for any hints,

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