[cc65] .IFDEF, .DEFINED for checking existance of macros?

From: Gábor Lénárt <lgb1lgb.hu>
Date: 2011-11-28 15:50:50

Is there a way to do conditional assembly based on the fact that a macro is
defined? It seems .IFDEF or .DEFINED does not work with macros, at least
I got errors. I would need something like this (sorry if the syntax is not
correct, I have not the source at this moment, so it's only by heart - but
I remember that theory does not worked even with the correct syntax - as I
could extract from the documentation at least):

.DEFINE file_name "filename.dat"  ; comment this out to use the disk-loader

.IFNDEF (file_name)
my_data: RES 8192	; if file_name is not defined, I just reserve space,
			; I will load the data from disk on run-time

.IFDEF (file_name)
my_data: .INCBIN file_name  ; include the "built-in" version

; routines to load from disk: only needed to compile if we don't use the included version

id_marker = my_data + $10
version_byte = my_data + $11

... some code ...
JSR disk_loader
... some code ...

My goal is to have a single source to have a music player which can play an
song included (with .INCBIN, I meant) as a quick demo, but also it can be
compiled with a minor modification (commenting out the .DEFINE) to be able
to load song from disk: and only then the routines needed for this is
compiled. Also, I have constants (my_data + ...) which should be correct for
both cases.

Is it possible somehow? Sorry form my chaotic example, but hopefully my idea
is understandable at least.

As far as I remember (the source is at home now) I always get errors even if
I try syntax directly copy&pasted from the documentation. Are these .DEFINED
etc built-in functions can only be used within macros (for macro parameters
maybe ...), or some special cases, so it's not suitable for the purpose I want to use?


- Gábor
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