[cc65] Playing a PSID file

From: Payton Byrd <plbyrd1gmail.com>
Date: 2011-11-05 00:22:41
I've done some initial googling and haven't found anything, so I want to
pose a general question "What's the best way to play a PSID file from cc65"
and to expand on what I believe the steps to be and the issues that I need
to understand.

1) Assume I have a PSID that has loads at $1000 through $1900.  It inits at
$1000 and plays at $1003.
2) I need to load that PSID into memory.  I'm assuming I can simply put the
bytes of the data into an ASM file and it will get linked into the program
at $1000.  However, I do need to understand if there will need to be any
custom memory mappings for this and exactly what syntax to use in the ASM
file to accomplish setting the bytes at a specific memory location.
3) I need to create an ASM method to set up the IRQ to another ASM that
plays the PSID and allows for other IRQ based activities.

Am I on the right track here?


Payton Byrd

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