Re: [cc65] Re: assembler hello world

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2011-09-14 07:57:26
Hi Matthew,

> ld65: Warning: ../apple2.cfg(43): Segment `LOWCODE' does not exist
> ld65: Warning: ../apple2.cfg(43): Segment `ZPSAVE' does not exist
> ld65: Warning: ../apple2.cfg(43): Segment `INIT' does not exist

These warnings are there because you use the biultin linker config
which is targeted towards using the C-library startup code. If you
don't want to do so (which is perfectly fine for a small asm program)
then you should use a custom linker config. Just dump the builtin
config and remove the stuff you don't need/want.

> But the code runs just finet as long as its not named hello. brun test for example will
> work great.

Cool - congrats :-)

> Which brings me to my next question how do I get my binary to autoload from disk.
> I got it to error by nameing it HELLO A, but HELLO B does nothing nor does
> anything else I have tried.

HELLO A doesn't work as you haven't created an <A>pplesoft BASIC
program but a <B>inary program.

HELLO B doesn't work because your DOS 3.3 disk presumes HELLO A.

So this issue isn't related to cc65 but rather the general question of
how to autostart a binary program from a DOS 3.3 disk. I'll discuss it
here anyway:

There are two options:

1. Change your DOS to look for a B file either by patching it with a
sector editor or a suitable tool.

2. Create a HELLO A on the Apple II with


This will run a MAIN B on startup.

Regards, Oliver
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