Re: [cc65] THE Makefile V1.2.1 available

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2011-07-28 19:13:38

> - better care of Windows users

Presuming there might come up questions regarding what this means in
detail - especially given our discussion here some weeks ago:

I understood that mkdir and rmdir are internal commands of cmd.exe and
that it is far from straight-forward to have cmd.exe call some
[mk|rm]dir.exe. Therefore we decided to add explicit support for the
cmd.exe flavor of mkdir and rmdir. Having that done there was only one
lonely core-util tool left: rm. So we took the - rather small -
addional step to add explicit support for the del command in cmd.exe
instead of insisting on rm.

As a result the only thing necessary (obviously beside a cc65
snapshot) for using THE Makefile on Windows is the GNU Make program
itself. Grab a nice Native Win32 build of version 3.81 here:

Have fun,
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