[cc65] TempCMod1 Beta/Preview available: need help to build

From: Joseph Rose <rose.joseph121yahoo.com>
Date: 2011-06-05 03:07:25
Hi!  Joseph Rose, a.k.a. Harry Potter, here.  I don't yet have my own website, but I'm working on it.  I just packaged TempCMod1 Beta for distribution and am willing to show people it.  Temp-C is a C code wizard.  Unfortunately, it is a draft/limited copy.  Right now, it supports mostly the cc65 compiler but is supposed to handle many compilers, including ANSI and Win32.  If you want to try it, please e-mail me.  I am also looking for things to add to TempCMod1 in the form of code snippets or source code, or at least some ideas.  I'd appreciate any feedback.
Joseph Rose, a.k.a. Harry Potter
Working magic in the computer community
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