Re: [cc65] THE Makefile V1.2 available - was: automatic generation of makefile dependencies

From: <>
Date: 2011-05-28 16:18:42
On 2011-05-28, at 14:51, thefox xofeht wrote:

>> And I get this error:
>> ld65.exe: Error: Input file `nes.lib' not found
>> Is this a bug in CC65 or the Makefile? Shouldn't the "-C" switch
>> override the "-t" or does "-t" do something else than setting the
>> config file (..or does cl65 reorder the parameters before calling
>> ld65..)? So far I've hacked around this by specifying "-t none" in
>> LDFLAGS but it doesn't seem like a clean solution to me (although it
>> works). :)
> Duhh, of course "-t" also tries to link the platform specific library
> in (which I don't seem to have installed..). Given that I don't think
> there's a cleaner solution for this than specifying "-t none" in
> LDFLAGS.. or specifying "none" as the target in the Makefile, which
> isn't great though because then the file will end up being named
> "foo.none"...

Isn't it easier/better to just install the lib?

BTW - not a complete solution to the inelegance of the above, but version 1.2.1 of the makefile, (which is behind the corner now, unless Oliver finds compelling reasons for not releasing it in current shape) allows for arbitrary "extensions" by using appropriately named src subdirectories.


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