Re: [cc65] TGI palettes (was: TGI colors revisited)

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2011-05-28 11:00:29

> Of course I don't know how TGI will be used in the future. But above seems
> rather obscure for me.


> ... if one wants to port Photoshop to the C64 ...


> If we go further this way, people will stop using the
> portable stuff, because it's too big and complex and use small target specific
> libraries instead.

Maybe we should distinguish between two types of complexity:

- Complex to implement: If the major part is done in the statically
linked TGI kernel then everything not used my be omitted from the
binary, so i.e. vector fonts are complex but not an issue.

- Complex to understand: The "brush approach" is certainly closer to
the limit but I think it hasn't "crossed the line" yet. And as
mentioned. A pre-created black and white brush would decrease the
complexity for b&w to the level we have today... although as mentioned
I personally don't think it's necessary as newbies copy&paste from the
TGI demo (or the docs) anyway.

> I would really prefer to keep the API as simple as possible. So lets at least
> try to keep it simple in the beginning. If we find out later that it is an
> absolute must to detect color approximation done by the driver, we can always
> add a function which asks the driver if a certain color will get approximated.


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