Re: [cc65] THE Makefile V1.2 available - was: automatic generation of makefile dependencies

From: thefox xofeht <>
Date: 2011-05-27 15:29:48
On Thu, May 19, 2011 at 12:38 AM,  <> wrote:
> It's been some weeks since this thread started but I believe it was worth waiting. Points were taken and the latest version supports:
> - debugfile in abstract options
> - linking in additional libraries by simply placing them in src directories
> - multiple targets with target specific code, libraries and linker configurations!
> - different variants of the same target

Nice, it works great! There's only one small thing... the Makefile
assumes "mkdir" is the unix mkdir, unfortunately the Windows
equivalent has exactly the same name, so "mkdir -p" doesn't work

With command extensions enabled (which seems to be the default at
least in the latest Windows versions) the Windows version of mkdir can
create parent directories automatically, so it might be worthwhile to
drop the "-p" switch if Windows is detected (in whatever way). Of
course it wouldn't be Windows compatible out of the box even then
since it uses "rm", but UnxUtils fixes that. The real problem with
"mkdir" (as well as "rmdir") is the name clash...

Anyway, the quick fix for me for now is to just drop the "-p" switch
from the command. Just wanted to let you know if you want to add
Windows compatibility some day.

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