Re: [cc65] TGI palettes (was: TGI colors revisited)

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2011-05-22 23:48:33

>    - add tgi_setbgcolor

As discussed the concept of a bgcolor seems to be used only in
tgi_clear. What's your opinion on the discussed approach to step away
from a bgcolor and instead add a color parameter to tgi_clear? That
seems somewhat more straightforward to me.

>    - and remove tgi_clear and tgi_setcolor from tgi_init
> Actually I think the former is already gone, since it allows an application to
> switch between text and graphics mode while keeping the grapics content (if
> this is possible on the platform).

That's exactly the way it is. Removing that stuff from tgi_init
altogether makes btw the TGI kernel independent from the TGI_COLOR_...
macros so there's really no reason left for wanting them to be
identical for all targets.

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