Re: [cc65] Apple 2 Memory Layout

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2011-05-21 13:50:06

> I just looked at the
> apple2enh-dos33.cfg file in the source, and I can use the Language Card RAM
> at $D000 to store literal text.

Why are you keeping on to discuss with me alternatives when I already
pointed that the Language Card is to be used for storing code ?

> I just need to know how to make more RAM
> available to my text adventure game in normal RAM.

That's the usual problem ;-)

> So far, the C64 version
> requires 13.0k of normal RAM and 5.40k of hidden RAM.  On the Apple 2, I
> calculate 51.5k usable RAM without aux RAM.

Than your calculation is wrong. The correct value is in the docs I
pointed you to:

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