[cc65] Mailinglist is missing header identification

From: Uffe Jakobsen <uffe1uffe.org>
Date: 2011-05-20 15:06:32

This mailinglist is missing a (mailing)list identification header in the 
emails it sends out.

I'm subscribed to dozens of mailinglists and this one is one of the 
three (3) lists that does not have either "List-Id" or "Mailing-List" in 
its headers.

More info:

This is the same for all mailinglists originating from @musoftware.de 
(sorry for cross-posting)

Reason: I use an agent to sort mailinglist emails into specific folders.
I know that I could match for the specific mailinglist names - but there 
seems to be some sort of consensus that mailinglists should include 
there headers.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards Uffe Jakobsen

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