Re: [cc65] Apple 2 Memory Layout

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2011-05-18 16:06:18
Hi Joseph,

> I might eventually want to convert my text adventure to the Apple 2 and need
> to know how much memory is available to my game.  I also want to port
> Hidden64 to the Apple 2.  Can anybdy give me the necessary information?

The documentation can give you the necessary information:

As far as I understand Hidden64 aims to simplify access to RAM that
shares address space with ROM.

- On a 64k Apple II the 16k 'Language Card' falls into this category.
This RAM is already accessable to cc65 programs all of the time. So
there's no need for something like Hidden64.

- On a 128k Apple II additionally the 64k 'AUX Memory' falls into this
category. There's a cc65 EMD driver for the Apple II accessing this
memory. You might check out its source if you feel like implementing
an alternative access method.

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