Re: [cc65] TGI palettes (was: TGI colors revisited)

From: Greg King <>
Date: 2011-05-17 10:17:50
From: "Oliver Schmidt"; on Sun., May 15, 2011; at 12:54 PM -0400
> 2. Have tgi_init() do an internal tgi_alloccolor(TGI_COLOR_WHITE) --
> and for consistency, probably tgi_alloccolor(TGI_COLOR_BLACK) too --
> and then, the tgi_setcolor(white). Most likely, that would mean
> to introduce
> something like two "standard color handles", sort of similiar to the
> three standard file I/O handles. Apps. interested in black&white only
> could use those standard handles, and get along without any explicit
> color allocation calls.
> Probably 2.) is preferable because B&W apps. would look like today,
> with the one exception of tgi_clear() being replaced by
> tgi_fill(TGI_STD_BLACK). I don't know if a wrapper, named tgi_clear(),
> to that call actually would be beneficial or rather confusing.

In that context, "clear" doesn't mean "all zeroes".  Instead, it means
"no visible pixels", or "no graphics objects".  Therefore,
tgi_clear(TGI_STD_BLACK) makes sense -- we don't need to change the name
of that function.  It would be similar to choosing a clean sheet of
coloured paper.  The function can be described as "clear the screen to a
specified background color".

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