Re: [cc65] Re: TGI colors revisited

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2011-05-07 12:21:31
Hi Karri,

>> I'm pretty lost now: Is the brush table an indexed palette? I've been
>> researching for more Lynx info but didn't come up with something
>> explaining how the 'brush table' and the '12-bit hardware palette'
>> work...

> No wonder. The lynx has double-indexing in use.
> [...]
> In the screen buffer every pixel is stored as a 4-bit value. This 4-bit
> value is drawn through the palette. So if you change the RGB values of color
> number 1 then all pixels with the value of 1 in the buffer will change.

Thanks a lot for the detailed and very helpful explanation :-)

>> If a TGI driver reports 16 colors than the palette used for
>> tgi_getdefpalette/tgi_getpalette/tgi_setpalette _HAS_ to consist of 16
>> 'unsigned char's.

> Now you are missing the point. If the TGI driver reports 16 colors then it
> means that it can draw with a pen that can have values between 0 and 15.

Sorry, but I'm still trying to sort misunderstandings from different opinions...

Do you want to express that my statement above "If a TGI driver
reports..." is wrong?

If yes: See this section from tgi.h:
void __fastcall__ tgi_setpalette (const unsigned char* palette);
/* Set the palette (not available with all drivers/hardware). palette is
 * a pointer to as many entries as there are colors.
- The prototype requires a pointer to unsigned char's.
- The comment states that the array size corresponds to the number of colors.

I don't see any room for interpretation from the side of the TGI driver...

> There is no place in the driver where we work with RGB values.

Sorry, but I'm not able to interpret that statement.

From looking at lynx-160-102-16.s it seems to me that
tgi_getdefpalette/tgi_getpalette/tgi_setpalette all three work with 16
entities of 2 bytes each. And that those 2 byte entities are holding 4
bit color values for the three channels RGB.

My analysis stems from:
- the 32 byte sized default palette
- the fact that palettes are read/written without conversion to what I
presume the 12-bit-hardware palette
- you wrote in older postings that palettes were directly read/written
to the hardware

So how does that fit to your statement above?

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