[cc65] TGI_MODE_... gone

From: Oliver Schmidt <ol.sc1web.de>
Date: 2011-05-02 18:27:18

The idea behind the TGI_MODE_... macros was to allow a program to
select a TGI driver in an abstract, target-neutral fashion by just
defining the desired resolution and color depth.

Hower it turned out that _every_ TGI driver implemented so far has a
(even if only slightly) different set of characteristics. So every TGI
driver had to come with its own TGI_MODE_... macro - which certainly
wasn't intended that way.

So today TGI programs trying to be target-independent don't call
but rather call
and try then to accomodate the characteristics of the TGI driver they got.

On the other hand TGI programs bound to a specific TGI driver don't need to call
neither as they can just as well call

Therefore I proposed to Uz to remove the whole TGI_MODE... stuff
altogether - which he aggreed to. This includes:
- the relevant .h and .inc files
- the tgi_load() function
- the target-sepcific TGI mode tables

The target-specific global variable tgi_stddrv doesn't refer anymore
to the first entry in the TGI mode table but is just a simple string
(like mouse_stddrv and joy_stddrv). A positive side effect is saving
some bytes of RAM by pulling in only one TGI driver filename into the
executable instead of all TGI driver filenames from the TGI mode table
(especially on the Atari having quite some TGI drivers).

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