[cc65] TGI Mode Tables

From: Greg King <greg.king41verizon.net>
Date: 2011-05-01 21:08:37
From: Oliver Schmidt; on 2011-04-25; at 21:19:06
> The Lynx and Atmos targets didn't have TGI-mode tables.
> I presume that it was just an oversight, so I added them.

It was deliberate!  We don't load modules dynamically on those
platforms.  Instead, we link them statically.  Therefore, joy_stddrv[],
mouse_stddrv[], and tgi_mode_table[] have been pointless.

The Atmos library doesn't have open() and read() (needed by the module
The Lynx library got them only recently.  But, its cartridge file-system
doesn't have traditional file-names.  We use numbers to mark directory
entries.  Those numbers change, depending on how many files we put into
a cartridge, and in what order we put them.

Therefore, in order to use those arrays, we would need to agree on a
"convention" about where to place the drivers.  For example, we might
agree that the joystick driver always would be the second file, and the
graphics driver always would be the third file -- in all cartridges
where we actually wanted to have loadable drivers (which would be very

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