[cc65] How to write drivers?

From: Karri Kaksonen <karri1sipo.fi>
Date: 2011-04-23 13:24:26

I have a small problem regarding EEPROM drivers.
There are many kind of I2C chips on the market and I would like to
implement just one call for reading and writing.

unsigned __fastcall__ lynx_eeread(unsigned addr);
void __fastcall__ lynx_eewrite(unsigned addr, unsigned val);

Currently I have 3 different chips 93C46, 93C66 and 93C86.

I tried to do:

  export __93C46__: absolute = 1

  export __93C66__: absolute = 1

  export __93C86__: absolute = 1

In the config file I could then choose the kind of board I want to
compile for:

  __93C86__: type = import;

A nice idea but it just does not work. The linker imports the eeprom66.s
always and if I specify __93C86__ then I get conflicts.



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