Re: [cc65] SERIAL.H on an Apple IIe - Problem with SER_LOAD_DRIVER

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2011-04-22 12:49:51
Hi Daniel,

> I'm trying to create a Apple2 program that utilize the serial port, but I keep getting the same error:

This error means that the either
- the driver file couldn't be opened because i.e. it just wasn't found
- the driver file couldn't be interpreted as 'loadable module' because
i.e. it was corrupt
- there wasn't eoungh memory left on the heap to load the driver file
into memory

> Can anyone help me?

The by far most popular issue on the Apple2 is transfering the driver
file from the host (Windows / Linux / ...) filesystem to the Apple2
filesystm in the "wrong" way.

Check the filesize in bytes on both filesystems. They need to be
perfectly identical. However it's better to check the actual file
content. Open the file on the host using some hex editor. Compare the
first few bytes with the content on the Apple2 (by i.e. bload'ing it
to some address and examining the memory there afterwards with the

And just to be sure ... You need to use ProDOS, not DOS 3.3 !

Another thing you might do is writing a small test program that tries
to open() or fopen() the driver file. If that works you most likely
have a corropt driver file. If that doesn't work you have a general
filesystem issue.

Good luck, Oliver
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