Re: [cc65] Re: Announcement 'Contiki 2.5.rc1 binary release for Retrocomputing'

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2011-01-28 12:58:17
Hi Uz,


> Great site (and great guide of course).

Thanks for the positive feedback :-)

> Is it just me who isn't able to view the page from the c64 web server? The
> page is not delivered using text/html but tagged as application/octet-stream,
> so my browser just offers to save it to a file instead of displaying it. I
> don't know if this is a problem of the (contiki based?) web server, or the
> implementation.

It was one of the last-minute-changes to replace the html files names
from .html to .htm because the newly supported target Atari only has
8.3 file names. Unfortunately I forgot to change the code that sets
the mime type accordingly :-( I didn't notice this while I was testing
because Internet Explorer ignores the wrong mime type and displays the
html page anyway (!).

The bugfix is in the Contiki CVS and will be delivered as part of the
final 2.5 release. BTW: The 24-7 online C64 web server @ should have the fix already applied as
the owner successfully went through the guide and created this way the
web server binary himself for the first time :-)

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