Re: [cc65] Calling another program: exec() ?

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2011-01-24 18:36:09

> Provided that we find such a place, how about the following: The startup code
> writes an RTS to the start of this memory area and jumps to it after the
> program terminates. This means 8 bytes overhead of the startup code. Or it
> could even be placed into a constructor. An "exec" module can then replace the
> RTS by code loading and starting another app, and simply terminate using
> exit(). The startup code then jumps to the replacement code after all of the
> termination code has been run.

The current Apple II startup code uses a similar - but I think a
little smaller and more robust - approach:

The last statement of the code isn't an RTS but a indirect JMP. The
location for the JMP is exported so "everybody" can patch it's own
handler in there. The default handler is just an RTS.

This way I implemented rebootafterexit(). It patches in its own "final
JMP" handler.

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