Re: [cc65] DIO.H on CBM

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2011-01-16 00:03:10
Hi Groepaz,

> here: is the one i am currently using,
> it still needs a bit of rework perhaps to work in the lib under all conditions
> (notice that i only ever tested it with my "os" kernel, not the regular cc65
> runtime) :)

I looked at the source mentioned above at would agree your comment
above that it isn't ready for primetime as-is. So we're back at the
point that there's no final implementation at hand...

Once more I've not enough CBM knowhow to judge but it seems (and Uz
seems to have said) that the CBM-specific directory functions
currently part of cc65 could quite easily be modified to become what
we're talking here about. Maybe it's just to simple (aka not
interesting enough) to be finally done ;-)

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