Re: [cc65] DIO.H on CBM

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2011-01-15 14:27:03
Hi Groepaz,

>> ... at leat one
>> volunteer for every API known to cc65 implementable on the C64 in a
>> reasonable way - lseek() being an example for a problematic case...

> lseek is quite hard to do on cbm drives (without writing an entire custom dos)

That's exactly what I was trying to express above - sorry if I wasn't
clear enough.

> .... as for opendir. i think i posted it more than once. cant do more than
that =P

Are you saying you posted code for opendir() - or are you saying you
posted that it is (too) hard to implement? The last thing I know about
the topic was this result:

Do you happen to know if dio code for the CBMs was already provided?

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