[cc65] suppress output after .error/.end

From: thefox xofeht <thefox1aspekt.fi>
Date: 2011-01-06 07:21:38
I'm using .error for some asserts in a header file (the header
requires the user to define couple of symbols before including it). Is
it possible to suppress any compiler output after .error has been
used? Currently ca65 happily evalutes the following code and gives
additional errors, which makes the output kinda cluttered, making it
difficult to spot the actual error.

I tried using .end after .error, but then I get "Error: Conditional
assembly branch was never closed" because the .end is inside a .if

Also tried using .assert, but output from it seems to be delayed even further.

I could work around this by wrapping everything in a macro and using
.exitmacro after .error, but that makes debugging a pain for me when
I'm developing since line info isn't displayed for macros. (BTW, I
*really* hope line info for macros and .repeat blocks is implemented
at some point... would make things so much easier.)


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