Re: [cc65] Stack usage optimization

From: Groepaz <>
Date: 2010-09-14 18:07:43
On Dienstag 14 September 2010, you wrote:
> >> >
> > 
> > thats true, its just a sneak peek preview and thus without source :)
> I see - but that makes it a little ;-)) difficult to prove your two
> statements:
> - "it can be made with some small changes to the runtime though"
> - "written entirely in C, except for the core interrupt handler for
> the sheduler"

true again, you have to trust me on that :)

btw, from a quick look at my notes, all i did to make the runtime reentrant 
was a) replace a couple of functions from the printf family (by equivalent 
funktions written in C, because i was lazy), and b) protect calls into the c64 
kernal by spinlocks.


Trotzdem bin ich sehr dafr, dass moeglichst viele Parlamentarier nach 
Afghanistan fahren. 
<Peter Struck, SPD>

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