Re: [cc65] Stack usage optimization

From: Groepaz <>
Date: 2010-09-14 15:38:29
On Dienstag 14 September 2010, Ullrich von Bassewitz wrote:
> Hi!
> On Tue, Sep 14, 2010 at 08:55:30AM +0200, Marc 'BlackJack' Rintsch wrote:
> > As long as I remember not to call the same functions from different
> > threads it is okay.
> Actually it's more difficult than that, since the called function may call
> others, so you have to have the complete call tree in mind (and this call
> tree must not change later). But this is a moot point anyway, since even
> the normal code without -Cl is not thread-safe.

it can be made with some small changes to the runtime though .... should clean 
up my stuff some day :) (check this: ... written entirely in C, 
except for the core interrupt handler for the sheduler)


Nicht jeder kann so geil sein wie Ich. 

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