Re: [cc65] Contiki 2.4 binary release for Retrocomputing

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2010-08-22 11:45:28
Hi Uz,

> Just out of curiosity: Are the images generated on the fly depending on
> what is choosen in the download form, or are they precompiled and the download
> form selects one?

There are six precompiled images (three for the Apple II, two for the
C64 and one for the C128).

However the Ethernet and IP setting selected need to go into a config
file inside the images. The solution for this might easily qualify for
the term "hack": I placed the config file always as first file in the
compiled images. Then I checked via hex editor the offset of the
config file content for the three image types (DSK, D64, D71). The PHP
script simply patches (without any filesystem knowledge) the
on-the-fly generated config file content at those known offsets into
the images ;-)

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