[cc65] Stack location question

From: Karri Kaksonen <karri1sipo.fi>
Date: 2010-08-07 21:21:44
In the current trunk we have a symbol __STACKSIZE__ that is ok.

In the old version I assumed that the segment RAM should be made larger 
by __STACKSIZE__ as the crt0.s would set the stack pointer to top of the 
RAM segment.

While reading through code I am not sure about this anymore. Perhaps the 
sp should be intialised to RAM_SIZE + STACKSIZE ?

In order to keep it simple we could just enlarge the RAM_BSS segment by 
stacksize and leave this to the linker.

Another way would be to define __STACKSTART__ and __STACKSIZE__ to allow 
the programmer to place the stack somewhere.

What is the intended way of doing this?



PS. Uz, thanks for the tgi-comments. Now I have my code running again.

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