Re: [cc65] Problem passing ',' as argument to a macro...

From: Ullrich von Bassewitz <>
Date: 2010-07-04 21:45:00

On Sun, Jul 04, 2010 at 05:27:11PM +0200, Christian Krüger wrote:
> when trying to feed an e.g. 'lda $1234,x' as an argument to an
> macro, I get the error message:
> "trailing garbage characters" if I do so with "{ }" (ca65 2.13.2).

Sorry, I cannot reproduce that here:

uz@trixie:~/src/cc65/src/ca65$ cat t.s
.macro test label, statement
        label: statement
        test    label, {lda $1234,x}
        jmp     label
uz@trixie:~/src/cc65/src/ca65$ ca65 -l t.s
uz@trixie:~/src/cc65/src/ca65$ cat t.lst
ca65 V2.13.2 - (C) Copyright 1998-2005 Ullrich von Bassewitz
Main file   : t.s
Current file: t.s

000000r 1               .macro test label, statement
000000r 1                       label: statement
000000r 1               .endmacro
000000r 1  BD 34 12             test    label, {lda $1234,x}
000003r 1  4C rr rr             jmp     label
000003r 1
uz@trixie:~/src/cc65/src/ca65$ ca65 --version
ca65 V2.13.2 - (C) Copyright 1998-2005 Ullrich von Bassewitz
ca65: No input files



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