Re: [cc65] unresolved externals in current SVN version

From: Christian Groessler <>
Date: 2010-06-26 00:02:18
Ok, I found it, sorry for the noise :-)

I had some old objects laying around in libsrc/common,
maperrno.o and oserrcheck.o, and then when building the atari.lib it 
showed an error

ar65: Error: Object file `common/maperrno.o' has wrong version

but somehow didn't stop the make and made an incomplete atari.lib.

I've deleted the objects and rebuilt atari.lib and now it works.

I think this change could be added to libsrc/Makefile (for all targets, 
not only Atari as shown here):

--- Makefile    (revision 4726)
+++ Makefile    (working copy)
@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@
        for i in atari common runtime conio dbg em joystick tgi zlib; do \
            $(MAKE) SYS=atari -C $$i || exit 1; \
-           $(AR) a atari.lib $$i/*.o;\
+           $(AR) a atari.lib $$i/*.o || exit 1; \
        cp atari/
        cp atari/


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