Re: [cc65] Customization of cc65 for new targets

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2010-02-14 22:05:54
Hi Uz,

> If you have any comments about the document, please let us know.

I'm not sure what type of comments you're actually looking for,
however here's some nitpicking:

- The text writes about 'fastcall' while the code contains '__fastcall__'.

- Is it really necessary to use .PC02 in the code when --cpu 65sc02 is
given on the ca65 cmdline?

- This section...

JSR zerobss ; Clear BSS segment
JSR copydata ; Initialize DATA segment
JSR initlib ; Run constructors

These three lines initialize the external (global) and system
variables. It should be noted that for very simple embedded systems,
these lines could be deleted and the program would still function
correctly; however, the user must be extremely careful since none of
the variables will be initialized (all variables  local and global 
must be set to a value prior to use) and the heap will not be usable
(no calls to malloc () can occur).

...isn't that great because the author obviously hasn't asserted that
no part of the supervision.lib he uses is actually relying on these
three lines.

On the other hand I'd have expected a section saying that a 'JSR
donelib' right before a 'BRK' could most likely be deleted, but there

Best, Oliver
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