Re: [cc65] 3 new c64 extended memory drivers

From: Ullrich von Bassewitz <>
Date: 2010-02-12 12:21:27
On Sat, Jan 30, 2010 at 11:23:07PM -0800, Marco van den Heuvel wrote:
> Attached are 3 new c64 extended memory drivers
> 1- c64 256k, a 256k memory expansion by marko M.
> 2- dqbb, Double Quick Brown Box cartridge
> 3- isepic, programmable cartridge

I have now integrated these three drivers. I've made quite some changes, which
should at least partially explain the delay. Because of the changes, I cannot
tell if the drivers do still work. And since I don't own the hardware and
cannot easily run newer vice versions, I'm not able to do any tests. So as
usual, feedback is appreciated.

You (and of course everybody else) could simplify my life, if you talk with me
before doing larger changes or extensions. Anyway, thanks again!



Ullrich von Bassewitz                        
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