Re: [cc65] Re: CBM POSIX I/O w/o O_TRUNC ?

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2010-02-08 22:09:30
Hi Uz,

>> a) Why doesn't the open() code require O_EXCL to be set in the same
>> way it requires O_CREAT to be set?
> Why should it?  And the goal was not to implement POSIX behaviour, but get
> something usable. To implement full POSIX, some more flags are necessary, and
> some of the functionality cannot be implemented (and is useless on an 8-bit).

At the time I did the Apple2 implementation your argumentation was
quite different ;-)

>> In any case it would be great if there were some hints in the docs on
>> what the CBM implementation of the POSIX I/O calls can and what they
>> can't.
> Feel free to add them as appropriate.

Thanks for the offer - but I already added quite some content to the
cc65 documentation!

But in this very case I can't do so as I don't have the knowhow -
which is by the way the reason why I'm asking those questions. I'm not
playing some game - I'm just trying to implement a C64 program writing
a file to the disk.

As I failed so far to get it working so I looked for hints in the docs
but found none. Then I asked on this list but got no answer. Then I
looked at the source but didn't understand it. Then I tried to explain
why I don't understand the source hoping to get answers this way...
However I guess I've learned my lession by now, don't bother

Best, Oliver
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