Re: [cc65] CBM units

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2010-02-03 22:55:42
Hi Uz,

> The _curunit variable is part of the common CBM library, while the zeropage
> variable is machine specific. And I'm not even sure that all CBM machines have
> such a variable. This is of course nothing that prevents such a constructor,
> it just complicates things. Which was probably the reason why the module that
> defines _curunit does not also have such a constructor.

I see. Now having access to the repository I notice the file
cbm/filevars.s. I seems quite easy to "unshare" that file for the
different CBM machines and provide an individual constructor for the
machines with a well known current unit zeropage location.

If the information in question can be brought up in this thread I'm
willing to do the changes - if necessary.

> The kernal has no such thing. You have to specify a unit each time, a file is
> loaded. On the C64 there is just a variable where the kernal remembers the
> unit from the last LOAD. It is not used for anything else (CBM hackers: please
> correct me if this is wrong).

I see. If there's no explicitly user-modifyable current unit then in
my opinion performing all disk I/O by default on the same unit the
program was loaded from is the best solution.

According to some research in the net and verification with VICE the
location is $BA both on the C64 and C128 (native mode). I'll add the
setting of _curunit based on $BA to the Contiki framework until cc65
2.14 (hopefully) does this.

Thanks for the CBM crash course, Oliver
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