Re: [cc65] Memory impact of Atari library compile time defines

From: Ullrich von Bassewitz <>
Date: 2009-11-15 21:29:37

On Sun, Nov 15, 2009 at 07:05:45PM +0100, Christian Grössler wrote:
> DYNAMIC_DD should be easily possible to make a contructor
> of open(). Then its size impact would only affect programs
> which really open files.
> UCASE_FILENAME is a different thing, though. Despite its
> name it not only uppercases file names at open() time (needed
> for DOS 2.5 which only accepts file names in uppercase), it
> also prepends a "Dx:" to the file name. Because of this one
> can open "BLA.TXT" instead of "D0:BLA.TXT". "BLA.TXT" alone
> is no valid string for the DOS open routine.

I cannot really comment on these two. But uppercasing file name string
literals in the source code is not really a problem. And, browsing through
crt0.s and ucase_fn.s, I can see a few places where it is possible to save a
few bytes of code. The code could also be written simpler, if the options are
always assumed to be enabled (that is, with the .if's removed). For example in
ucase_fn: Always allocate enough stack space for the length of the string +
the three bytes for drive and terminator.

> The file descriptor initialization is done in order
> to have stdin/stdout/stderr implicitly available.
> I think I could move it to a contructor for open/close/read/write.
> Then programs which use conio and/or joysticks to get their
> input and use conio for output shouldn't be affected.

That is how it works on the CBMs.



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