Re: [cc65] Banking out ROM

From: Fatih Aygün <>
Date: 2009-11-15 16:53:39

Christian Grössler wrote:

> I don't remember how exactly I came up with the $2E00 value. Maybe it
> was with a big DOS (MyDOS for many drives) and loaded R: driver.
> I selected it to have a working default value for most cases. Remember,
> the space for the R: driver is not dependent on whether the program uses
> R:, but whether a 850 is being present at boot time.

I was thinking that it's not the most common configuration (probably because 
I don't have a 850). But making the default value work for most cases makes
sense to me now. 

> And your argument works also the other way round :-)
> If someone knows he'll never will load the program with a big DOS and/or
> R: drivers loaded, he can set the address lower on the command line.

Ok then, I'm fine with it :)

And, tgi-preview runs out of the box when linked with --start-addr 0x2000.
One has to pass some parameters to ld65 anyway to set the reserved memory 
so I guess that's good news :)


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