Re: [cc65] Banking out ROM (was: TGI preview)

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2009-11-15 15:40:14

>> Well, on the Commie it "obviously" works ;-) It is so because the ROM is
>> banked-in on read only. On write, the RAM is being accessed, which as simple as
>> it looks makes lot of things easier. E.g. to make any of the ROMs mutable, a
>> simple loop
> The Atari800 emulator doesn't work that way. Unfortunately I think that's how the
> real hardware works. It would be much nicer if it was designed like Commodore but
> it is what it is :(

Maybe I'm missing the point but that only allows for write access to
the RAM thus allowing to read from disk. So how would a user
understand that some of his objects on the heap can be written to the
disk while others can't.

So the RAM couldn't be the ordinary heap but rather something special
- but at least currently the (shared) module loading (and font
loading) code just calls into the standard malloc()...

Best, Oliver
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