Re: [cc65] Banking out ROM (was: TGI preview)

From: Fatih AygŁn <>
Date: 2009-11-14 16:57:53

Given the impossibility of using the RAM under ROM with any of the
OS routines without reimplementing a good portion of the OS functions,
I find this feature only marginally useful for C programs. But I do have a
prototype implementation for RAM/ROM banking for XL/XE anyway.

Christian told me earlier that he was planning to do some cc65 work
this weekend. Judging by the previous posts on this list I assume he
will be implementing a new startup code for Atari :). When it's done I'll
adapt my code to go with the new system, do some refinements and
testing and I'll share it. Until then I'm open to suggestions on what to
do with the extra memory :)

If anyone wants to give it a test drive, it's quick and  dirty but it's here:

It doesn't report the memory status yet. You can do:

    _heapadd((void*) 0xC000, 0x1000); // 4K
    _heapadd((void*) 0xE492, 0x1B68); // Almost 7K
    _heapadd((void*) 0xD800, 0x0800); // 2K more, only if you don't need the FP stuff
    _heapadd((void*) 0xE400, 0x0050); // 80 bytes more, only if you're that desperate :)

in the beginning of your program. Or you can play around with the config and
startup files for other ways to use this space. But remember, you can't use 
those areas for any OS related stuff (e.g. file i/o, so it's no cure for tgi-preview).
You got a bigger EXE, 352 bytes less linear memory but, hey, you got almost
13K of extra heap space that you can't use for anything useful :)


Oliver Schmidt wrote:
> You are of course right! I basically explained why myself a few lines
> above :-( I need to think more before typing...



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