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From: <>
Date: 2009-11-13 15:03:10
On 2009-11-13, at 14:16, Ullrich von Bassewitz wrote:

>> We've been doing this routinely on the C64. The last thing to bank-out when
>> really needed was the IO hardware area. There was not often much sense to use
>> it for code but it worked well for BSS. I used it for some undo buffers f.e.
> The Plus/4 runs with all ROMs banked out. [...] I hoped to get a similar
> setup for the C128 before the 2.13 release, but dropped it because of lack of
> time.

It is the most desirable approach, I believe. I don't know how easy (or difficult) it is on the Ataris. On the CBMs (I know C64 best) it is relatively easy. C128 requires a little additional overhead though. No, I was simply surprised that with that little prg, the Atari ran out of mem but if the executables are much bigger, and the available mem is noticeably smaller, that explains.

> As you can see from the memory footprints listed in one of my previous mails,

I either missed it somehow (I don't recall it) or it was older than a month and I don't have it anymore.

> this doesn't even have a bad impact on memory usage. Just compare the C16 and
> the Plus/4: The C16 is identical to the Plus/4 but doesn't use banking, so the
> differences in the size of the executables are caused by the banking overhead.

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